Concept of the book

Encounters of the Filmic Kind The idea for Encounters of the Filmic Kind was born of teaching experience of Réka M. Cristian and Zoltán Dragon. It was apparent from the onset of this book project that there was a real need for an easily comprehensible guidebook for students covering the most influential theoretical grids in the history of film theories. We agreed to write this book in order to make it an authentic guide for those who want to be more than just superficially initiated into the terrain of film theories. What we did not want: yet another dense text that would give a hard time for BA students. We had to remember how we read theoretical texts back in our early student years and decided to draft our chapters accordingly, in order to put together a manual that would not ultimately find its place in one of the corners of a (perhaps, dorm’s) room – having been ripped of pages containing information served in an irritating manner. Similar to the combined use of computer technology and music in the communication with aliens in Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) we assembled sometimes difficult texts with a number of interpretations in order to make them easily understandable. Most of all, this guidebook is intended to drive people back to consciously watch (more) movies and not to take away the pleasure of watching, talking, and, especially, writing about films.